Here’s to you, Mrs Robinson

“Did you read The Graduate this week?” “I did.” “You did?” “Yes, I wasn’t too sure about it though.” “What?” “I wasn’t too sure about it.” “About what?” “About The Graduate”. “Ah.” At little under… View Post

5 Fun Facts about Anne Boleyn

So you may or may not remember me writing a blog about my hero, Mary I. Tudor Queen and general badass. It got such a great response, and many of you suggested figures for me… View Post

January sucks

I’m going to say what everyone’s thinking. Shangela should have won All Stars 3. January is hard! The magic and sparkle of Christmas might have infected us from mid-November, but once the tree is down… View Post

Hello Fresh: A Review

It’s a school night, you’ve just got in from work and you’re tired after a looong day. The last thing you want to do is make your tea, right? I’ve fallen into this pit so… View Post

2018 Wrapped

2018, the year of the dog (and who doesn’t love dogs?). There are so many things that happened in 2018, both in pop culture and in my personal life. I started a new job in… View Post