International Women’s Day 2019: Inspirational Women

History is a commentary on the various and continuing incapabilities of men. What is history? History is women following behind with the bucket. – Alan Bennett, The History Boys As a historian, as a feminist, as a woman, the importance… View Post

February Festivities

Hey hi hello – sorry for being so absent lately! There have been books to read, films to see and games to play – so I’ve kind of neglected my blog a little. Slap my hand and let’s get on… View Post

January sucks

I’m going to say what everyone’s thinking. Shangela should have won All Stars 3. January is hard! The magic and sparkle of Christmas might have infected us from mid-November, but once the tree is down and the chill isn’t Jack… View Post

2018 Wrapped

2018, the year of the dog (and who doesn’t love dogs?). There are so many things that happened in 2018, both in pop culture and in my personal life. I started a new job in PR, I went to Scotland… View Post

In which I go to York

York. Home of Vikings, the shambles and that big Cathedral. When Tom and I first visited together in early 2017, we fell in love. Over the past two years, we’ve gone on adventures in the North Yorkshire city countless times,… View Post