In which I go to York

York. Home of Vikings, the shambles and that big Cathedral.

When Tom and I first visited together in early 2017, we fell in love. Over the past two years, we’ve gone on adventures in the North Yorkshire city countless times, started our own traditions whilst there and even booked our wedding at the York Registry Office.  So, when we were stumped for somewhere to go over the festive period, it was only natural that we visited one of our favourite places in the world.

48 Hours in York


We’re regulars at two hotels in York: The Churchill and Hotel Indigo. It sounds posh, but we’re normally good at sniffing out the cheaper rooms… This time, we stayed at Hotel Indigo, and the experience was just as magical as the first time we stayed there. Inspired by York’s history with chocolate, the rooms are covered in beautiful brown and cream coloured furnishings, photos and artwork depicting York from yonder years and beautiful steam-punk decorations.

One of our favourite things, however, has to be the bathrooms at Hotel Indigo – there is a SPEAKER that links to the TV, so you can actually hear what’s going on whilst you’re on the toilet / in the shower. Truly magical.

Because I was ill (boo!), we spent a lot of time in the hotel room and it didn’t make us want to top ourselves, which is always a positive in my book. Me being struck with the lergy also meant that we were confined to the hotel restaurant. I’m not going to bore you with what we ordered (also, I can’t remember), but it was yum yum yum. I can’t recommend Hotel Indigo enough – and because only about four people read my blog, you know that all these opinions are my own.

Things to do

Even though we only went to York for a bit of Christmas shopping, there are still so many things we’ve done and places we’ve explored in the city, I can’t not share them.

First and foremost: the York Dungeon experience is the single greatest thing I’ve ever been a part of in my life (sorry Tom). Whilst I’m gobby around people I know, in front of strangers I’m actually quite shy and reserved (I know, can you believe it!?) so audience participation makes me shit my pants. The actors at York Dungeons were lovely, even when they were pretending to be 19th century judges and executioners and I felt at ease getting up and dancing like a loon when I was ‘put on trial’ for being a witch.

Tom and I also loved our visit to the Cathedral earlier this year. Again, grandma Nicole has terrible memory, so I can’t remember how much tickets were, but I do remember them not costing an arm and a leg and they allow entry into other attractions AND last a whole year! Winner! As a bit of a history nerd it isn’t exactly a secret that I love all things ancient and wandering around the minster which has history pre-dating 1066, I was in my element.

Eating and drinking

After you’re done exploring the city, it’s only natural you want to have a sit down and a drink. The House of Trembling Madness is one of York’s most famous pubs and is covered in medieval décor – again, perfect for an absolute nobber who loves history, like me! It’s a tiny little pub so you’re usually quite lucky to get a table, but with the opening of their second site (which isn’t quite as intimate but still as lovely) on Lendal, it isn’t hard to get involved in one of the best dining experiences in York. In fact, we’ve booked our reception in one of their function rooms. Whizzer.

I’ve not really done a travel blog before, but I hope all the information is there? If not, feel free to come to my house and kick me in the shins. I would prefer it if you sent me a message though.

I also mentioned on my Instagram story that I’m thinking of doing a weekly series about history, like a ‘fun facts’ about monarchs or events that happened. Finally put that history degree to good use eh? Let me know what you think about that one in the comments.

See ya x


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