About me

It’s always hard, writing about yourself isn’t it? As someone who is a lover of words, I always seem to fall short of finding the best ones that describe me. I’m not sure what it is exactly that you’d want to know, but here goes:

I’m Nic, and I’m an alcoholic.

Jokes aside, I’m a twenty-something blogger from near Manchester. I love travelling about the isles we call British, and the two great loves of my life are Scotland and Tom (my partner). I have an absolutely useless degree in History and I work in the Digital Marketing and PR industry, but my ultimate goal is to open a small bookshop somewhere north of the wall. I love telling people how bookish I am but in all honesty, I only read one book in 2018. I tend to quote old vines too much to make up for my lack of personality, and there is absolutely nothing I love more than being curled up on my couch with a cup of tea, a great film and my fluffy blanket.

I’m a twenty-odd year old grandma, in all honesty.

Fancy a catch up? Grab a drink and a comfy seat and enjoy my ramblings if you like.

And because I can’t take myself all that seriously, in lieu of a blogger pic, have a picture of me pezzed off my tits after New Year’s Eve 2016/17.


See ya x